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Kendra Wilkinson had too much therapy

Kendra Wilkinson had too much therapy

Kendra Wilkinson had "too much therapy".

The 30-year-old beauty - who has kids Hank IV, six, and Alijah, two, with husband Hank Baskett - and her spouse sought counselling when it was rumoured the former football player had cheated on her with a transgender model when she was eight months pregnant in 2014, and even appeared on reality show 'Marriage Boot Camp' in a bid to save their relationship.

Though the couple found it beneficial to air their problems, Kendra now thinks they went too far.

She said: "It was really tough for me. Sometimes things hit you from out of owhere and it's all about survival.

"The boot camp was chaos, like a zoo. We all had to air our problems and get everything out in the open. It was a crazy situation but it made us stronger.

"We had too much therapy though. It got to the point where we needed to have more therapy to cope with all the therapy we were getting.

"I'm done with it - no more therapy. You've just got to get on with things."

Kendra was one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends for four years until she left the Playboy Mansion in 2008, and while other former Playmates, including Holly Madison and Carla Howe, have blasted life with the 90-year-old media mogul, the 'Kendra On Top' star remains loyal to her ex-lover, who is still one of her best friends, and has fond memories of her life with him.

She told Closer magazine: "Hugh is one of my best friends. He has treated me like gold throughout every minute of my life.

"He was there, supporting me with my marriage crisis with Hank and he genuinely cares.

"He was also the one who got my father-in-law the best medical care when he was diagnosed with lung cancer. But you never hear about that stuff.

"It's sad people have to put him down. Holly obviously regrets her time in the house but I don't at all.

"I'm a strong believer that everything happens for a reason and being a Playboy bunny made me who I am. I have a fantastic life. I love my family and can't wait to see what's in store for the future."