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Kendra Wilkinson buys naughty lollipop at sex shop

Kendra Wilkinson buys naughty lollipop at sex shop

Kendra Wilkinson treated herself to a penis lollipop during a visit to a sex shop.

The former Playboy model - who was one of Hugh Hefner's live-in girlfriends - took a trip out shopping on Tuesday (27.09.16) and couldn't resist indulging her naughty side.

The blonde bombshell popped into an adult store for a look around and took to Twitter to confess she bought the phallic sweet treat, but kept quiet on whether she purchased any more X-rated products.

In a series of Tweets, she spilled: "Just went shopping ... [Bought] a penis lollipop ... I love sex shops. They are so much fun."

Kendra has always been open about her adventurous sex life with her husband Hank Baskett - with whom she has two kids, six-year-old son Hank Jr. and two-year-old daughter Alijah.

Back in May, the adventurous couple made love during a tour of a vineyard and 'Kendra on Top' has admitted to romping with Hank in a variety of unusual places, including their kitchen, a Jacuzzi, in a car and once even on a jet ski while on vacation in Cabo, Mexico.

Kendra, 31, previously told BANG Showbiz: "The thing is we are fun people we don't trap ourselves in the bedroom we are spontaneous people and we don't take things so serious and we don't limit ourselves to our bedroom. We like to look outside the box! We venture off into different places like the kitchen and the Jacuzzi, and we've done it in the car a couple of times ... Hank and I did have sex on a jet ski in Cabo. It was awesome!"