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Kendall Jenner 'tried to get Tallia Storm thrown out of pool party'

Kendall Jenner 'tried to get Tallia Storm thrown out of pool party'

Kendall Jenner allegedly tried to get Tallia Storm thrown out of the VIP section at a pool party in Los Angeles.

The supermodel reportedly "threw her toys out of her pram" and called for two bouncers to remove the 17-year-old singer from the privileged section of the NextRadio App Summer pool party in California over the weekend after she attempted to talk to her friend Hailey Baldwin.

A source told the MailOnline: "Tallia was there with her sister. Hailey came into the VIP area and Tallia went to speak to her because she met her at the MTV EMAs last November, where they had stayed at the same hotel.

"She approached her and didn't realise Kendall was next to her - she was wearing a white strappy top and her hair was in a ponytail - so she stopped in front of her to speak to Hailey. Kendall, for whatever reason, was unimpressed by that. She started shouting to the bouncer, 'Excuse me, can you come over here and escort this girl away?' "

Despite the 20-year-old reality TV star's best efforts to get Tallia kicked out of the bash, the bouncers refused.

The source said: "Kendall was furious and went to get a second bouncer, she said: 'Those two girls (Tallia and her sister) could you remove them now?'

"Hailey was trying to chat to Tallia, she was embarrassed. Tallia just said: 'I don't understand what went wrong here, have I said something?' "

Tallia then decided to leave the event on her own accord but couldn't resist poking fun at Kendall on her social networking sites shortly after the incident unfolded.

Taking to her Twitter account on Sunday (07.08.16), the Scottish songstress said: "It's a sad day when u up stage @KendallJenner & she try's to get you thrown out the VIP area @NextRadioApp party! lol #SheTried #AndFailed (sic)"