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Kendall Jenner's close shave

Kendall Jenner's close shave

Kendall Jenner starting shaving her legs when she was seven.

The 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star was left with bloody pins in her early years when she took a razor to her bare flesh after she walked in on her half-sister Kim Kardashian West, 35, in the shower shaving her own legs.

She explained to Look magazine: "I once walked in on Kim shaving her legs in the shower. I was only seven and I was like, 'When can I do that?' And she was like, 'Not for a long time Kendall.' And then a couple of days later I went and did it with her razor and without any soap or water and I cut my legs to shreds. That's probably the worst thing I've done but I was like seven."

And, although she didn't take her older half-sibling's advice when she was younger, Kendall makes sure she now takes on board everything Kim tells her and follows it religiously.

She added: "Kim always told me not to touch my face. When I was 15/16, I had really bad acne and I just never touched it. I feel like if you have bad skin then it will go away. So leave it be."

Kendall now tries to keep her skincare regime to the minimum to avoid clogging up her pores with countless products.

She added: "I actually wash my face with a regular soap, get all the make-up and dirt off from the day, and then I slather on moisturiser: I try to do it as early as possible, rather than just before bed so my skin is clean and fresh for longer."