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Kendall Jenner hates letting people down

Kendall Jenner hates letting people down

Kendall Jenner is "a people pleaser."

The 19-year-old model admits she feels a lot of pressure to be perfect all of the time and hates letting other people down.

Asked what's the toughest thing about being successful on the catwalk, the reality TV star said: "I'm a people pleaser. I don't like to disappoint or make anyone feel as if they need to worry about me. If I were shaking on the floor, I'd be like, 'I swear, I'm fine!' "

The brunette beauty rarely exercises because she doesn't have time, but tries to take breaks whenever she can.

She said: "I live on a plane. I haven't worked out in a month because I've been so busy. I'm really trying to balance work, family and friends. The other day I was supposed to have a fitting, and I moved it back an hour so I could take a nap. If I worked too much, I would not be a happy person."

But the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star says she has become a perfectionist since her modelling career took off and is particularly picky when it comes to her make-up.

She told PEOPLE magazine: "I used to be like, 'Do whatever you want, I don't care.' But recently I've gotten into it. I'm a perfectionist. If someone is doing my eyeliner, it has to be exactly the same on both sides, super-straight. If there's a tiny bump, it has to be fixed. Our family make-up artists are scared of me sometimes! I can't do it myself. That's why I don't wear make-up on an everyday basis, just mascara."