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Ken Jeong: 'I could still be a doctor'

Ken Jeong: 'I could still be a doctor'

The Hangover star Ken Jeong could still practice as a doctor in the state of California.

The quirky funnyman was a medic before his comedy career took off - and now he fronts his own TV show, Dr. Ken, which features some of the hilarious moments he experienced in his former life.

And he admits if the roles dry up or he tires of fame, he can always return to curing colds and diagnosing patients.

"Technically I have a license to practice in the state of California," he tells Access Hollywood Live, "but I don't. To me, it's just more of a... reminder of where I come from, just kinda keep me grounded.

"I'm from the streets of med school, yo!"

Ken admits his co-stars and crew members often take advantage of his medical background and ask him for advice on aches and pains.

"I get asked medical questions on every set I've ever been on."

And his Dr. Ken castmate Tisha Campbell-Martin admit he's always very concerned about their health.

"He has this doctor demeanour," she says. "He's so, 'How are you?'"

"I get all creepy," Ken jokes.

The funnyman's medical know-how came in handy when co-star Ed Helms fell ill while they were filming The Hangover Part II in Thailand.

Helms was struck down with food poisoning and faced with the prospect of having to shut down production, Dr. Ken turned hero and saved the day.

"I'm dressed up in the whole (character) Mr. Chow garb and we're in the seediest strip joint in Bangkok filming a scene...," he recalls, "and I'm saying, 'Are you allergic to Cipro, because I think you need to go to a walk-in clinic and get, like, one litre of normal saline... and take Cipro at the same time'.

"Everyone was staring at me like I was a leper."

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