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Kelly Rowland wants her son to see her perform

Kelly Rowland wants her son to see her perform

Kelly Rowland wants to get back on stage so her son can see her perform.

The 'Motivation' hitmaker is desperate to do some concerts so her 17-month-old son Titan Jewell - her child with husband Tim Witherspoon - can see what she does for a job.

Asked why her as-yet untitled fifth solo album was a hard record to make, she explained to Billboard magazine: "Just because I've been gone for so long. I wanted to take that first year to just be a mother, but I wanted to put out music at the same time. I was fighting myself.

"So then here's the second year, and I've been recording but I've always had some hiccups in between it with other projects that I'm doing. I'm shooting a movie right now, but at the end of this year, I definitely am finishing up this record and I'm releasing it next year. I'm even tired of waiting on it myself, I want to get back on stage, and I want my son to see me on stage.

"I want him to witness that whole feeling. He saw me at rehearsal a couple months back when I did a video and he was so excited. So the fact that he likes it, I need him to see that again."

The former Destiny's Child star is loving being a parent but she making sure she takes motherhood "one day at a time".

The 35-year-old singer has urged expectant mothers to not overthink and worry about doing a "perfect job" of raising their children.

When asked what advice she'd give new parents, she said: "One day at a time. I think that immediately, when I became pregnant, the first thing you think [about] is just doing a perfect job.

"You can't think about it like that because love is the perfect job. It's protecting them and making sure that they're happy and that they're going to be safe."