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Kelly Rowland's body challenge

Kelly Rowland's body challenge

Kelly Rowland says having a baby "challenged" the way she looked at her body.

The 'Motivation' hitmaker - who has 21-month-old son Titan with her husband Tim Witherspoon - finally feels comfortable in her own skin.

She shared: "I wish that someone would invent something to take away stretch marks and cellulite. If you don't have stretch marks and cellulite after you had a baby, I really don't like you. It's just not fair. Giving birth challenged and changed the way I looked at my body.

"When I made 30-something happen, I just felt this click of everything kind of falling into place, and really feeling comfortable in my skin ... feeling myself."

And the 35-year-old singer has made herself her top priority and got a tattoo to remind her of that every day.

Speaking in a video for Allure's Pretty Powerful video series about her number one tattoo on her finger, she said: "This one is a number one. I was just thinking about putting myself as number one in my thoughts. If you can't take care of yourself you don't have anything else to give to anybody else. So I'm my number one.

"You're making your schedule for your baby, your husband, and where do you fall into place? I was like, 'I have to give something back to myself first before I can give anything to anybody else.' I truly believe in that."

Meanwhile, Kelly previously admitted she takes motherhood "one day at a time".

Asked what advice she would give new parents, she said: "One day at a time. I think that immediately, when I became pregnant, the first thing you think [about] is just doing a perfect job.

"You can't think about it like that because love is the perfect job. It's protecting them and making sure that they're happy and that they're going to be safe."