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Kelly Ripa's son goes to college

Kelly Ripa's son goes to college

Kelly Ripa's eldest son has left home for college.

The 'Live' presenter took to Instagram to share a photo of 19-year-old Michael and his younger siblings Lola, 15, and Joaquin, 13, who she has with her husband Michael Conseulos, and wished him "goodbye".

Michael grinned at the camera in an AC/DC tee shirt as his brother and sister stood smiling by his side and their proud mother captioned the picture: "Saying goodbye to big bro, the college freshman. (Whilst conspiring to take over his bedroom)"

Speaking previously on 'Live' back in June she joked they had already made plans for Michael's bedroom.

She said: "We've got big plans for his bedroom, big plans. That bedroom is going to be turned into a mega closet before you can say 'university.'"

However, she'll have to shift through his huge collection of art first.

Speaking about giving her children control over how their bedrooms look, she said: "I was that mom and then my kids became teenagers and decided they had to have total autonomy when they designed their rooms, so my son wants to be a filmmaker so he really has a lot of art on the walls and he took a bunch of special effects classes and made monster masks, so my nieces are too afraid to go into his bedroom because they say it's spooky.