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Kelly Osbourne writes poetry with dad Ozzy

Kelly Osbourne writes poetry with dad Ozzy

Kelly Osbourne has been writing poetry with her father Ozzy Osbourne.

The 31-year-old star has been battling with a frustrating case of insomnia recently but finds the best way to pass the time when everyone else is sound asleep is by taking pen to paper and producing literature with her rocker dad Ozzy.

Taking to her Twitter account last night (29.02.16), the violet-haired beauty uploaded a sneak peak of her midnight work, which she'd signed off with the words, "By Kelly and dad".

She accompanied the shot with the caption: "Dad & I can't sleep so we are killing time by writing possible lyrics/poems it's crazy how similar our thoughts are! (sic)"

And literature isn't the only thing that's rubbed off on Kelly as she's also followed in the footsteps of her dad and been using colouring as a form of meditation when she's stressed.

She said last month: "I finally understand why my Dad spends so much time painting! Even though this is clearly a colouring book ... it's like meditation.

"Before I knew it a realising hour went by and all I filled in was a bloody leaf. I don't have very good patience and I think I just found my cure!!! (sic)"

Kelly previously teamed up with the 67-year-old Black Sabbath singer for work in 2003 when they covered his band's hit track 'Changes' over two decades ago.