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Kelly Osbourne's has got a hairy house problem

Kelly Osbourne's has got a hairy house problem

Kelly Osbourne's dogs have turned her into a "50s vacuuming housewife".

The 31-year-old star admits her home is being besieged by her mutts' malting hair and she has become obsessed with sucking up the fur from her furniture and carpets.

A post on her Instagram account featured a collage of three photos one showing her with vacuum in hand, another close up shot of the fur problem and a final pic which shows two pooches watching their owner cleaning up.

The accompanying caption read: "My dogs have turned me into 1950's Dexedrine vacuuming housewife! Their fur is shedding EVERYWHERE! (sic)"

Kelly did confess the constant cleaning up after her canine chums was making the "OCD clean freak" inside her happy but she hasn't been enjoying getting hairs in her mouth.

The caption added: "The OCD clean freak in me is loving it however if I get one more dog hair in my mouth I might lose my s**t !!!!! (sic)"

'Australia's Got Talent' judge Kelly has three pet Pomeranians Nancy, Sid and Polly - the newest addition to her family of pooches who is a Teacup Pomeranian.