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Kelly Osbourne: Men want to have sex with me because I'm famous

Kelly Osbourne: Men want to have sex with me because I'm famous

Kelly Osbourne says some guys just want to have sex with her because she is famous.

The 31-year-old daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne admits she can be quite wary of men because some are only interested in her for her fame.

She said: "People always want to say they've f***ed Ozzy Osbourne's daughter. Boys tell me. I could have been born like Quasimodo and I still would have been a conquest. And you can tell, when someone's having sex with you, if that's their reason. It's a disgusting, awful feeling. I am quite defensive when I talk to guys.

"I am mouthy, but I will tell you the truth. I am pint-sized, but a little bit chubby. I'm still trying to figure the rest out."

Kelly - who has been in rehab seven times - has been through some tough times in her life, including her brother Jack's multiple sclerosis diagnosis, her mother's cancer battle and her father Ozzy's near-death experience after a quad bike crash, but says she has emerged stronger than ever.

She told The Times Magazine: "There have been many dark moments in my life. When it looked as if my mum was dying of cancer. Watching my dad die in front of me and then be brought back to life but remain in a coma for two weeks. Learning my brother had MS.

"Most people aren't happy to turn 30, but I was. In the industry that I work in, you can't get respect at a younger age. Once I turned 30 people started to treat me differently in the working environment. People ask you before they do something. They even make you a cup of tea."

And Kelly has an unusual way of coping with stress.

She said: "Cleaning helps me relax. I just got a floor steam-cleaner that twins as a carpet cleaner."