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Kelly Osbourne blasts Giuliana Rancic

Kelly Osbourne blasts Giuliana Rancic

Kelly Osbourne thinks Giuliana Rancic is a "liar".

The pair infamously fell out over "offensive" comments made by the former E! News anchor on 'Fashion Police' and the 30-year-old star has insisted the two won't be building bridges anytime soon.

She said: "I will never admit to liking Giuliana because I don't. I don't think she's a good person and I think she's a liar."

Asked about the other stars on the E! show, she added: "Brad [Gorescki] is one of the most incredible people in fashion, he is funny as f**k.

"I am so happy for Melissa [Rivers] that she is filling that seat and I want that show to go on. It was just my time to move on."

However, Kelly hasn't ruled out a return to the show she hosted for four years.

When asked if she'd consider it, she told The Wrap: "If certain people weren't there."

Meanwhile, Kelly previously admitted to "screaming" when she found out Melissa would be hosting 'Fashion Police'.

She said: "This is what should have happened from day one. Melissa always should have been there. When [Melissa] called me to tell me, I was like screaming, jumping up and down because I'm like, 'Continue the legacy!'"