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Kelly Osbourne bitten by poisonous spider

Kelly Osbourne bitten by poisonous spider

Kelly Osbourne had to go to hospital after being bitten by a "poisonous spider".

The former 'Fashion Police' commentator was left in agony after the aggressive arachnid attacked and pumped her full of venom.

Kelly sought out medical attention and had to give seven samples of blood.

Kelly posted a photo of the blood-filled vials on her Instagram account along with the caption: "I got bit on my neck by a poisonous spider again!!!! Look how much blood they had to take!!! (sic)"

Kelly also suffered embarrassment while sitting patiently until the doctor was ready to examine her as she unwittingly sat under a medical poster of a penis in the waiting room.

In another Instagram post, she wrote: "When you are sat in the doctors office w/ a diagram of a penis above your head & no one tells you!!!!!! (sic)"

This is not the first time, the 30-year-old star has been bitten by a spider.

Last year, Kelly had to get an injection in her jaw after a creepy crawly used its fangs on her face.

She revealed on Twitter at the time: "I have no words to express how much a spider bite to the face hurts. Plus a large injection in my jaw ... today sucks b***s! (sic)"