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Kelly Hoppen has a 'really weird' brain

Kelly Hoppen has a 'really weird' brain

Kelly Hoppen has a "really weird" brain.

The 57-year-old interior designer has admitted her mind works in a very unusual way, and has likened her thought process to a 'Matrix' way of thinking because she sees grids and lines when she walks into a room and can move pieces of furniture and building structures with her imagination.

Speaking in a Facebook Live chat with Grazia on Thursday (24.11.16), the golden-haired beauty said: "I have this really weird brain, it's kind of like Matrix, it's like these ribs come up and forms happen. So I get the shapes and the walls, and I can move them. It's really weird. And I can move it to another side of the room."

And although the creative mastermind claims she isn't very good at putting pen to paper and sketching up her visions, and is also "completely computer illiterate", she believes her brain is "far better" than any computer.

She added: "I am rubbish at drawing ... and I am completely computer illiterate.

"My brain is far better than a computer. It's just something I have always been able to do."

And Kelly - who launched her career at the age of 16 "and a half" when she first designed a home - has a very determined mind-set, and believes failure is "not an option" and nothing happens by chance but sheer hard work.

She said: "Failure was not an option.

"I think as a woman you are very capable of multitasking, but I think it is very different now than it was then.

"My other half was asked to describe me in three words and he said impatient.

"It is hard work, I am up at six in the morning every day. I work every day. I have my coffee, I go to the gym, I work in the studio. But I do it because I love it and I am passionate about it. You have to put the hours in.

"I think you're only as good as the time you are prepared to put into it. But you can have a balance and have a life. Sometimes I do work too hard and have to slow down so you can breathe again and be inspired. But you have to work hard, it's not luck."

Meanwhile, Kelly - who has daughter Natasha with her ex-husband Graham Corrett - has revealed she "craves" her own workshop, where she plans to "ban" social media and mobile phones.

Speaking of her ideal future plan, she said: "But I crave to do a workshop one day when you ban social media and phones ... and you have to design from your brains."