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Kelly Brook puts love first

Kelly Brook puts love first

Kelly Brook is reportedly ready to give up her Hollywood ambitions for her new boyfriend.

The 35-year-old beauty's sit-com 'One Big Happy' was recently axed after just one season, but she has told pals she won't be auditioning for any more roles in Los Angeles because she wants to focus on settling down with Jeremy Parisi.

A source said: "Kelly came to LA with big dreams and insisted her career was her main focus.

"But now she's with Jeremy, all she can think of is marriage and babies. She wants to give her all to the romance and has said she'll put her Hollywood ambitions on hold for him if he asked.

"Kelly is reluctant to audition for any new roles. Jeremy is based in Europe for work and has made it clear he doesn't want to move to LA."

Kelly's friends are said to be concerned at how quickly she has rushed into the new romance following the end of her on/off relationship with David McIntosh.

The source added to Closer magazine: "Kelly has always rushed into romances and pals think she's giving up a lot for a new relationship.

"She was desperate to become the next big British star in Hollywood, but now she's been sidetracked by Jeremy and is telling pals that becoming a mum would mean everything to her.

"Kelly wants the fairy-tale ending. She had a dramatic roller-coaster romance with David but believes she's found something stable with Jeremy.

"She knows long-distance relationships don't work and has told pals that if moving back to the UK and leaving her Hollywood hopes behind is what it takes to make it work, she'll do it."