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Kelly Brook blasts 'disrespectful' SImon Cowell

Kelly Brook blasts 'disrespectful' SImon Cowell

Kelly Brook has called Simon Cowell "disrespectful" for firing her from 'Britain's Got Talent'.

The 35-year-old beauty has revealed that the music mogul would arrive four hours late to film the ITV show in 2009, so she "wasn't bothered" when she got fired just three days after starting her job as a judge next to Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan.

Kelly said: "We would have to start at 9am ... Simon didn't, though - he was hours late. He wouldn't get there until 1pm. It was disrespectful to me, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan.

"Throughout my career, if I have a call time of 9am, I'll be there at 8.30am, ready to go. Simon didn't work like that, it was his party and he did it his way."

The actress - who is currently starring in US comedy 'One Big Happy' - added that the 'Britain's Got Talent' producer made it look like she was chasing him for the job, but was more interested in acting, so "wasn't bothered" when she got shown the door.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror newspaper, Kelly said: "It wasn't what I wanted to do anyway. I wanted to act. So when it didn't work out I wasn't bothered, it meant I could go back to doing what I really wanted to do."