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Kellie Maloney attracted to men

Kellie Maloney attracted to men

Kellie Maloney is attracted to men.

The former boxing promoter - known as Frank Maloney before her transition - has confessed she now identifies as "a heterosexual woman", despite having had two wives during her life as a man.

Addressing the topic of her sexuality, she admitted: "Do I fancy men or women or what? So, look, I am a heterosexual woman. There. I've said it and that's the first time I have said it to anyone: I am a heterosexual woman. That's the final step isn't it?"

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' contestant - who has daughters Emma, 36, Sophie, 20, and Libby, 14 - continued to say she misses being Frank and would want to start a relationship with him if she could.

She said: "If I met Frank Maloney now, I'd date him."

However, Kellie, 62, has had her eyes opened to the behaviour of men since she transitioned last year, saying while she still has a "man's brain" she can tell most men don't respect women.

She explained to The Times newspaper: "I still do have a man's brain in a way. I have noticed that I can tell when men are going to get rowdy. My female friends say, 'How do you know that?' and they forget that I've been a man.

"I had no idea how little men respect women until I became one. Most men don't rate women that much."