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Katy Perry thankful for injury-free tour

Katy Perry thankful for injury-free tour

Katy Perry is thankful to have got through her tour so far injury-free.

The 'Dark Horse' singer has been on her 'Prismatic World Tour' since May 2014 and admits it has been her most physically gruelling run of shows yet, with highlights including running on a treadmill, being flown around arenas in a harness while holding balloons and several complicated dance routines.

Although Katy has suffered the occasional fall none of her mishaps have been serious and she credits the error-free run of shows on the intense rehearsal schedule she and her crew follows.

Speaking at the premiere of her new concert movie 'Katy Perry: Prismatic World Tour' at the Theatre at Ace Hotel in Los Angeles, she revealed: "I've never gotten hurt. I would say I barely fell once but it's very hard to find on the Internet and it just never made the news...Thankfully everything has been really protected and we pray right before for that protection. And we are really well rehearsed. We rehearsed for this for like three months. We kind of carved it out for six months but actual physical rehearsal was a good three months."

Katy also revealed she is keeping her hair black because she's in mourning for the imminent end of her tour ahead of the summer.

The 30-year-old pop superstar has dyed her locks blonde, pink, blue, green and purple over the years but she's going to stick with black for now.

Speaking to E! Katy said: "My hair is black because I'm in mourning because this tour is almost finished. But I do think it's time for me to have a nap, a little sleeping beauty for a second."

Katy wraps her 'Prismatic World Tour' on May 14 in Bangkok, Thailand, before kicking off the South American leg on September 22.