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Katy Perry's pals 'desperate for her to settle down'

Katy Perry's pals 'desperate for her to settle down'

Katy Perry's "Achilles' heel" is supposedly her taste in men.

The 31-year-old singer has had a turbulent love life during her time in the spotlight, with a failed marriage to British comedian Russell Brand and a rocky relationship with musician John Mayer both making headlines. After so much heartache, it's thought those close to her are keen to see the star settle down.

"Katy's Achilles' heel is her bad choices with men," an insider told Britain's Closer magazine. "Her friends and family are desperate for her to date someone who treats her with respect."

Adding to her problems is Russell's new documentary movie Brand: A Second Coming. It was shot during their marriage, which ended after 14 months at the end of December 2011, and sees him hinting at their union failing and discussing his disillusion with fame. Although the funnyman has detached himself from the project after falling out with its director, the damage has been done in Katy's eyes.

"Russell was her biggest mistake and she's furious - she thinks he's a hypocrite," the insider added. "She thinks he insulted her lifestyle to make the film more interesting."

Her love life hasn't been the only area of attention though; her feud with fellow pop sensation Taylor Swift has been heavily documented. Most recently it was brought up in a piece for New York Magazine, titled Katy Perry and the Fear of a Female Planet.

"The comparisons to Taylor stung," a source previously told Britain's Grazia magazine. "It's an open secret that Taylor's Bad Blood (song) was directed at Katy; she feels attacked from all sides, but she's tried to adopt quite a spiritual approach to all this negativity and has changed her Twitter biography to Growing."

The pair are thought to have fallen out for several reasons, one being that they both dated John and another that Katy allegedly stole two of Taylor's tour dancers.

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