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Katy Perry dates men up to 50 years old

Katy Perry dates men up to 50 years old

Katy Perry told a member of the RAF her "cut off" age for men she'll date is 50.

The 31-year-old singer was performing at Dubai Airport's Airshow Gala dinner earlier this week when she flirted up a storm with Wing Commander Mike Woods, 48, from Newcastle in England.

Mike gave Katy - who was previously married to comedian Russell Brand, 40 - his business card and told her he was celebrating his 48th birthday.

The 'Dark Horse' hitmaker - who is believed to still be dating on/off boyfriend John Mayer, 38 - replied: "50's my cut off."

Mike then revealed that he had once been serenaded by an Elvis Presley impersonator, leading Katy to reply: "That was an imitator and this is the real thing, honey."

Katy dedicated a song to the decorated airman and asked if he would catch her as she jumped into the crowd before jokingly shooing him away by saying: "Down boy, down boy!"

She then performed her hit single 'Birthday' for Mike and the rest of the guests at the Atlantis, the Palm hotel, according to the Daily Mirror newspaper.

Katy's flirty antics come after it was claimed her friends are "desperate" for her to settle down.

A source said previously: "Katy's Achilles' heel is her bad choices with men. Her friends and family are desperate for her to date someone who treats her with respect."