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Katie Price would sell body for £1 million

Katie Price would sell body for £1 million

Katie Price would sell her body for sex for £1 million.

The 37-year-old beauty made the shock confession during a discussion about whether prostitution should be legalised in the UK on ITV daytime show 'Loose Women'.

Katie confessed, for the right price, she would be tempted to trade her body for cash.

The businesswoman - who is married to former stripper Kieran Hayler - said: "I'm going to put light on this. I'm not making a joke, if someone offered me - here she goes - £1 million cash to have a slap and tickle, I would. I'm not saying all the way. I'd have to discuss it with Kieran, but imagine how easy that would be?

"It's easy money! You could see these women, it's easy for them. I'm not saying I'm a prostitute!"

Elsewhere, Katie thanked guest Jeremy Kyle for saving her marriage to Kieran after she admitted she used the same lie detector test he uses on his series 'The Jeremy Kyle Show' to prove he had cheated on her with two of her friends, Jane Pountney and Chrissy Thomas.

She told Jeremy: "I got the lie detector test from his show and that's how I found out about Kieran cheating. When you watch people on your show and they're like, 'That test doesn't work.' That's such rubbish, it so does work. You really did save my marriage."

Katie - who has five children from her various relationships and has been married three times - also asked Jeremy if he thought people could change their patterns of behaviour with effort, and claimed her spouse had become a new man.

She quizzed: "Do you think people can change? He seems to have changed."

Jeremy, 50, tried to turn the question on to Katie, saying: "Do you think he can change? I'm asking you, you live with him."

Before answering by saying: "I'm sure everybody has the chance to change."

Kieran underwent treatment for sex addiction in the wake of the affair revelations and Katie has praised him for coming through his therapy sessions a better person.