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Katie Price warns Twitter trolls she's coming for them

Katie Price warns Twitter trolls she's coming for them

Katie Price has a "surprise in store" for Internet trolls who target vulnerable youngsters like her disabled son Harvey.

The 37-year-old star took the 14 year old to the 'Loose Women' studio with her on Tuesday (17.05.16) to raise awareness of online bullying and highlight the "disgusting" abuse aimed at Harvey - who was born with the rare genetic condition Prader-Willi syndrome and also suffers from autism, ADHD and partial blindness.

Katie intends to go into schools to educate kids about the damage trolling causes and also warned vile web haters she has a "surprise" in store for them..

Talking to special guest Piers Morgan and the rest of the 'Loose Women' panel, she said: "A few months ago I came on to talk about the most disgusting things that are said, I wouldn't even be able to say it live on air, but I thought it's important for people to see what he's like. Not manufacture and edit what he's like. And I think something should be done about it. So behind the scenes, people may think I've been quiet but I haven't. We've been doing lots of things behind the scenes, so people are in for a surprise, not on this show today but I just want to make people aware of the trolling, I'm definitely doing something about it. To the point that I want to go to schools and educate kids about trolling. You know, what would the trolls do, would they really say it to their faces?"

Katie wanted the segment to be live to show how vulnerable Harvey, but the teenager showed he could stand up for himself if needed.

Katie asked her son: "When someone is horrible to Harvey what does Harvey say?"

And he replied: "Hello you ****!"

Andrea McLean swiftly stepped in to apologise for the use of the swear word, and Piers warned "idiots" not to mock the courageous teenager on Twitter for the slip-up.

He said: "There are probably some idiots at home already firing away on their keyboards after hearing him swear because they think it's funny. But I don't' think it is funny to mock Harvey. He's got great courage, a great sense of humour and his mum does an incredible job of looking after him."

And the journalist leant his full support to Katie - who debuted a new grey hairstyle on the daytime show.

He said: "I have trolls targeting me every day saying things like, 'I hope you get beheaded by ISIS.' I like to respond by correcting their spelling. I can look after myself. But when it comes to Harvey, he can't. You can see he is vulnerable.

"So come after me, even come after Katie but do not pick on boys like Harvey who cannot defend themselves."