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Katie Price wants her horse back

Katie Price wants her horse back

Katie Price is going to start a petition to get her horse back.

The 38-year-old star says she sold her prized pony so it could "have a quieter life" but claims she was never told the Contessa Riding Centre would be using her as a riding school horse.

She wrote on Instagram: "I'm really sad and upset and angry that I sold my horse blaze to this person for 1000 pounds wanting her to have a quieter life as she is in her 20s and has had two major leg injuries and done dressage all her life has now had a name change and being used as a riding school horse!

"If I knew this I would have kept her! I had an amazing few years with her. If I could turn back time I'd have her back or I'll buy her back poor horse being run into the ground."

And the mother-of-five - who has sons Harvey, 14, Junior, 11 and Jett, two, as well as daughters Princess, nine, and 22-month-old Bunny - insists she'll do "anything" to get her horse back.

She added in another post: "This is me on my horse I will do a petition anything to get her back a real black beauty story ! I have been ripped off in the horse world and people do dodgy deals all the time and now I have found out my old Horse blaze I sold to a lady believing she would ride her around 3 times a week and dead gentle work basically retirement gentle work home to now seeing she is being pushed at high level dressage as a riding school horse .. Give my horse back (sic)"

Meanwhile, Wanda Bendisch, yard manager at the centre, has denied the claims.

She said in a statement: "Blaze, Glamour Girl or GiGi as she is now known, has been with us for several years and is adored by all at Contessa. She has an exceptionally kind nature and is very happy here. She is regularly turned out and is ridden about three times a week. We would like to reassure Katie ... that GiGi is in great condition and very content.

"As far as we are aware, Katie knew GiGi was coming to us to join the centre's team ... and we kept Katie updated on how she was settling in. We do not feel that GiGi is at all ready for retirement."