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Katie Price recalls brush with death

Katie Price recalls brush with death

Katie Price almost died on holiday in Cape Verde.

The 38-year-old beauty - who has children Harvey, 14, Junior, 11, and Princess, nine, from past relationships and Jett, two, and Bunny, 23 months, with husband Kieran Hayler - admits her life has "flashed by" her eyes a few times, but none more vividly than when she was swept away by the tide and knocked herself out.

She said: "I had a few car accidents, where it all flashes by, but the most recent [brush with death] was in Cape Verde with Kieran.

"I was in the sea, and the waves were all crashing and jumping and one of them caught me - where you feel like you're in a washing machine - and I must have knocked myself out because I had a nose bleed, near enough a black eye and I passed out but I just remembered all my life and it was really weird. I thought 'This is it, I can't get out, I'm dead. I'm dead.' I wasn't, but I didn't see any bright lights or anything."

Despite her own experience, Katie is unconvinced by people who claim to have came close to death and seen a bright light calling them to the other side.

The outspoken star insists "nobody" can claim to know what happens when we die.

Speaking on UK TV show 'Loose Women', she said: "The things is, people say near-death. Who has actually died -not just gone to the corner of the room and all that, but actually died and gone to a paradise island or whatever and then come back, who? Exactly.

"Nobody really knows and I know a lot of people will be against me for this but no one knows what happens when you die."