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Katie Price: Princess thought her broken arm had fallen off

Katie Price: Princess thought her broken arm had fallen off

Katie Price's daughter thought her arm had "fallen off" when she broke it horse riding.

Princess, eight, cracked her forearm earlier this month when she fell off the pony Katie had bought her for her birthday and had to undergo an emergency operation to re-set the limb.

Katie has now revealed both she and Princess were in shock when the accident happened due to the severity of the injury.

Speaking as a panellist on ITV daytime show 'Loose Women' on Thursday (23.06.16), she shared: "Poor Princess, she was riding her pony that I got her for her birthday and she actually smacked her arm, she fell off and she was crying and I was going, 'Just get up, get up.' And then she got up and her big eyes went, 'Mum my arm's falling off!' I looked and I was like, 'Oh my God!' I'm not joking it was hanging here."

At the same time Princess broke her arm, Katie was recovering from a boob job and a cosmetic procedure to inject filler into her face and had to get in the ambulance with her little girl with a black eye and a healing chest.

She added: "I'd just had my boobs done and I had filler from my belly fat injected into under here (my face), I had a black eye but I had to go in the ambulance with her to the hospital."

The 38-year-old businesswoman used her own fat from her butt and legs for the face fillers and she's delighted with the results, just as she is with her new breast implants.

She explained: "I've had good luck with my boobs now, they're now finally, after a year of one of them not repairing, done. I'm in love with them, the best boobs ever. I've had eleven anaesthetics the past year to repair them. I've got implants.

"With the fillers, they can use your own fat so it evaporates and it doesn't stay in your face."

Following the operation, Princess has to have her arm in a cast for the next few weeks but her dad Peter Andre has revealed she's excited to get the plaster signed by her friends and family.

Peter - who also has 11-year-old son Junior with his ex-wife Katie - previously revealed: "She is fine now. Has her arm in a cast. She's excited about people signing it."