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Katie Price: Jane Pountney never apologised for affair

Katie Price: Jane Pountney never apologised for affair

Katie Price has blasted her former best friend for never apologising to her for having an affair with her husband Kieran Hayler.

The 38-year-old TV star was left devastated after discovering in 2014 that her former stripper spouse had been embroiled in a 10-month fling with her pal Jane Pountney, a revelation which was followed by the discovery of more infidelities by Kieran.

Katie decided to give her marriage another try after Kieran had therapy for sex addiction and the couple - who have two children, Jett, three, and Bunny, two - have been able to rebuild their life together.

However, Jane has never once reached out to say sorry to her former pal for her actions.

In an interview on 'This Morning' to promote her sixth autobiography 'Reborn', Katie said: "I've never gone through anything like that before ... I will never forgive him, I'll never forget but I deal with it. She lives five minutes down the road from me and she still never said sorry. When people read the book, it's all there, people who've read it say it's so raw and detailed."

Katie has also revealed that Kieran, 27, isn't a fan of her tell-all book because he hates reading about the man he was before undergoing therapy.

In a different interview with BBC Radio 2, she said: "Kieran's seen (the book) and he said, 'I deserve it.' He hates it now if anyone brings it up. The book is out now and he hates it, it puts him back in that place and he hates it. But I tell him, 'You still did it and you will never know what I went through.' "

Katie - who also has three other children, Harvey, 14, with Dwight Yorke, and Junior, 11, and Princess, nine, with ex-husband Peter Andre - also hasn't been able to read the tome back because the chapters on Kieran's betrayal are too painful for her to relive.

She shared: "I haven't read the book back. It's the most painful book I've ever done, the rawest and the deepest. When I was with the legal team I said, 'I can't read it.' It was two and a half years ago, all of this. I don't want to be put back in that situation because it was the worst thing ever. That's why I called it 'Reborn', what else could possibly happen to me? It's easy to walk away. I'm a stronger person for staying with him (Kieran) and it's the best thing I ever did. He had a sex addiction which I didn't used to believe, I thought it was just an excuse. We worked through it, he had therapy and is a completely different man now. The old Kieran is dead and the new one is born."