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Katie Price has 'disgusting' photos of ex-husband Alex Reid

Katie Price has 'disgusting' photos of ex-husband Alex Reid

Katie Price claims she has "disgusting" and "disturbing" pictures of Alex Reid hidden away.

The 39-year-old former glamour model wishes her second husband - who she was wed to from February 2010 to March 2012 - would stop criticising her because she has far more incriminating things to show about him, though she insists she would never make the images public because they would be so embarrassing him for him.

Katie claims if people did see the photos of Alex - who has previously discussed his enjoyment of cross-dressing as female alter ego known as Roxanne - they would be shocked.

Speaking to Heat magazine, she said: "When I've split up with exes, they've gone on a rampage, slagging me off. The only way I get retaliation is I do books, but I don't slag them off, I tell the truth.

"Now, with Alex for example, the amount of stories he's done on me, but he forgets what videos and pictures I have of him. All my friends have seen them, but not once have I ever put them out. One, it would disturb everyone to the grave and number two, they're not flattering, they're disgusting. You look at them and you're disgusted. So, it doesn't matter what he does, I would never sell my soul and say, 'Wow, do you want to see this then?' I will never, over my dead body, do it, because I wouldn't stoop to that level."

Instead, Katie - who has son Harvey, 15, with Dwight Yorke, kids Junior, 12, and Princess, 10, from her first marriage to Peter Andre, and Jett, three, and Bunny, two, with husband Kieran Hayler - insists she will continue to use her autobiography series to lay bare the secrets in her life, and believes there is proof she is always honest because none of her former partners have ever threatened her with legal action over her revelations.

She said: "I always say the truth. And this is why I've never had a legal letter from any of them, even from my books, because they know it's the truth. And I always back it up. Always remember that."

Alex is now engaged to Nikki Manashe and his fiancée has previously admitted she dreads it when Katie is a panellist on 'Loose Women' because she has used her platform on the TV show to attack the cage fighter so many times.

Nikki previously told BANG Showbiz: "I do [get nervous every time Katie appears on 'Loose Women'. To be honest I think she needs to let bygones be bygones. She needs to let us live our lives and she can live her life. I wish her well. I don't know her, I don't need to know her, and I'm very happy and that's that. I wish people would just let things rest, you know."