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Katie Price doesn't want to see guys cry

Katie Price doesn't want to see guys cry

Katie Price isn't attracted to men who cry.

The 38-year-old TV star - who is married to former stripper Kieran Hayler - doesn't like to see guys in tears and thinks it's only acceptable for young boys to get teary, not grown men.

Speaking on 'Loose Women' on Thursday (07.07.16), she said: "It is good to show your emotions. If I was with a man that cries all the time, that would put me off. I mean, it's nice to show your emotion, but with a man it would so put me off. If a man kept crying, I'd be like..."

Clarifying that it's OK for kids to cry, she added: "If there's a young kid and they've dropped a teddy and they're two, then yeah it is acceptable for them to cry. If they're eight or 10 or something and they drop their teddy and they cry, that's a bit pathetic, do you know what I mean?"

Katie has sons Harvey, 14, Junior, 11 and Jett, two, as well as daughters Princess, nine, and 22-month-old Bunny from three relationships.

The blonde beauty admits she is tough on Junior - her son with ex-husband Peter Andre - if he gets too emotional at home.

She said: "I can't imagine Princess or Junior doing that. I think it's good to show emotion, like Junior when he watches films, he might cry but I think that's sweet. But if he's too scared to go upstairs to the toilet, I'm like, 'Just go upstairs, don't be such a baby'."

Katie applies the same tough no-tears rule to herself and wouldn't cry in public for fear of what people would think of her.

She said: "'If I want to cry, instead of crying I'll be like, 'Here we go, sob story.' I'd be embarrassed. If I cried in front of my family everyone would be like, 'Oh look at you crying.' I try to comedy it off."

But some viewers were shocked by her comments and took to Twitter to blast the panel for featuring the segment, which they believed was little more than "men shaming".

One user under the handle @jadelsia said: "Imagine if men were saying this about women?! Stop men shaming. This is horrendous! (sic)"

And @GeorgiaAndAmber penned: "Honestly @LooseWomen has wound me right up! Sorry, how dare you say men can't cry? Wtf, seriously. Shameful. (sic)"