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Katie Price delighted with her bigger boobs

Katie Price delighted with her bigger boobs

Katie Price is thrilled with her new 32 GG boobs.

The 38-year-old TV personality - who has gone under the knife numerous times in her adult life - has revealed she is now finally satisfied with the appearance of her surgically-enhanced bust.

In an Instagram post featuring a picture of herself in a blue bikini, the former glamour model wrote: "I'm soo happy with my body now (sic)"

Katie also praised her surgeon for finally giving her the shape she has long desired.

She wrote: "the treatments and the amazing surgery dr Plovier does is amazing (sic)"

The Instagram post comes shortly after the mother-of-five insisted she would never have another boob job, because she was so pleased with the result of her latest surgery.

Katie shared: "Let me explain, I was all healed and ready for the final procedure on my boobs. The surgeon said to me, 'What size do you want? Same implants, a little bit bigger or bigger?'

"And me being impulsive, I just went, 'Oh go bigger then!' Maybe it's the Gemini in me. Normal size they put in is like a 275(cc) or a 375(cc).

"Mine are a little bit bigger than that, they're 1050. But my body is used to it, I have been bigger."

Katie also claimed she has had her boobs enhanced for her own happiness, rather than because her husband Kieran Hayler or anyone else wanted her to.

She said: "I got used to having smaller boobs and all my clothes were all size 10 or 12 and now I'm a 16 again. I don't wear a bra, because they're so pert!

"I don't have them out, they're just for me. Kieran is not into boobs at all, and my mum's always telling me off for everything and I'm like, 'Shut up mum, you want your face done!'

"That's it now, I don't need any more surgery unless anyone thinks I can improve something. But no there's no babies, no surgery I'm back to the old Katie Price again, on a mission to do my thing."