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Katie Holmes: 'I still feel like a teenager'

Katie Holmes: 'I still feel like a teenager'

Actress Katie Holmes still feels like a teenager at 37.

Tom Cruise's ex-wife is a single mum, a businesswoman and a new moviemaker, working on her directorial debut All We Had, but she still has her silly moments.

"I feel like I'm still a teenager in a lot of ways," she tells the new issue of More magazine. "I do a lot of things I did then - I paint, I colour. I cook sometimes. I still feel like a girl.

"I don’t quite feel like a woman, maybe because I'm the baby of my family. I'll probably be 90 and feel like, 'Not a woman yet!'"

But her confidence is growing now she has been able to slow her life down following the phenomenon of cult TV show Dawson's Creek and her superstar marriage to Cruise.

"I feel more creative...," she adds. "When I was a young actor, things happened quickly. My second job was Dawson’s Creek, and suddenly I was known. I was 18 years old; I had no life experience.

"I felt, 'I don’t have anything to bring. I don't know what it’s like to be, say, really angry. I'm doing the best I can'.

"But, with age, I’ve gained confidence. I understand the kind of stories I want to tell. I have more experience in business. I feel more certain."

And now she has 'director' to add to her resume - a job she likens to being a mum: "I stay calm," she says of her attitude on set. "(I'd be like), 'Oh, we only have one camera today? I thought we had two. OK, adjust'. It’s similar to, 'We have no food at home, and you have to eat something soon. I have crackers in the bottom of my purse - that'll buy me 20 minutes'." You keep going, no matter what."

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