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Katherine Jenkins worries about daughter's 'messed up' accent

Katherine Jenkins worries about daughter's 'messed up' accent

Katherine Jenkins thinks her baby daughter is going to grow up with a "messed up" transatlantic accent.

The 35-year-old opera singer - who grew up in Wales - has spent a good chunk of her time across the pond since the birth of baby girl Aaliyah Reign six months ago and she's worried the little one won't get to develop a Welsh dialect.

Speaking in a forthcoming episode of 'The Jonathan Ross Show', which will hit UK screens on Saturday (26.03.16), she said: "She's [Aaliyah] amazing, I'm totally besotted with her. I worry about this [what kind of accent she will have] all the time, because I'm very proud of my Welsh accent. I'd love her to have a Welsh accent but I wonder if she's going to end up somewhere in the middle. If she's going to have one of those transatlantic messed up accents which I don't want her to have... I don't know what's going to happen."

However, the blonde beauty has admitted she had to alter her accent slightly when she moved from her hometown of Neath in Wales to London at the age of 17.

She explained: "I had to adapt [my accent] because I felt like nobody ever understood me. I think that naturally it becomes a bit more English when I'm in London, and then as soon as I speak to my mum on the phone or go back to Neath it inevitably becomes full Welsh or very, very fast."

Katherine and her husband Andrew Levitas welcomed their first child into the world in September, a year after getting hitched at Hampton Court Palace in Richmond, London in 2014, following a whirlwind seven-month romance.