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Kate Winslet's 'festival of parties'

Kate Winslet's 'festival of parties'

Kate Winslet is going to have a "festival of parties" for her 40th birthday.

The 'A Little Chaos' star reaches the milestone in October this year and is looking forward to celebrating with lots of activities and a "daredevil" thing or two.

She told USA TODAY: "The best part for me of turning 40 is all the parties I'm going to have because I'm going to have a festival of parties, doing lots of different things involving lots of friends, lots of children, lots of family stuff.

"And hopefully there'll be lots of activity; being outside, doing a few daredevil things. The best part of turning 40 is doing all that I think."

Meanwhile, Kate previously joked that her 'Titanic' co-star Leonardo DiCaprio wouldn't want to have a joint 40th birthday party with her.

Speaking last year, she said: "He's 40 this year and I'm 40 next - that's weird. Isn't that weird?

"He wouldn't have a joint party with me, he really wouldn't. Definitely not. He likes to have his moments... but also I don't think I'd want to have a joint party with him, more to the (expletive) point!"