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Kate Upton: I ignore hateful comments

Kate Upton: I ignore hateful comments

Kate Upton laughs at negative comments.

The 'Sports Illustrated' model insists she isn't bothered about the nasty remarks made about her on social media but admits she did find it "hurtful" at first.

She said: "I really try to use it in a way that doesn't affect my entire day so that I can have a conversation or be with people without constantly thinking about it. I don't preplan anything. Sometimes I lose cool moments to post about, but as long as I'm enjoying my life, that's more important ...

"In the beginning it was so hurtful. But I have to say, the other day I was reading some negative comments, and I was thinking they were really funny. So I guess they don't anymore."

The 24-year-old model - who is engaged to baseball star Justin Verlander - also revealed she is encouraged to post more selfies on social media but she prefers to post things that are "funny or random".

She added: "People will sometimes give me advice like, 'You should post more selfies. That's what gets likes.' But I really just post what I think is funny or random. What keeps it authentic is not focusing on what people want to see but posting you. I try to use very few filters - unless I have a breakout. Then I'm brightening it."

Meanwhile, Kate admits she was "surprised" by how athletic her fiancé is as she once thought baseball players were "kind of fat and not athletic".

She told the new issue of Glamour magazine: "This is probably bad to say, but I'm going to say it anyway: I always thought that baseball players were kind of fat and not athletic. I was really surprised by how athletic Justin was. I wanted to learn tennis, and he goes out and he's never played before and just beats me. I'm thinking, This is the worst. Who invited you?"