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Kate Moss' godmother role

Kate Moss' godmother role

Kate Moss will be godmother to Liv Tyler's baby daughter.

The 42-year-old supermodel - who has 13-year-old daughter Lila with ex-boyfriend Jefferson Hack - was asked by her actress friend to take on the spiritual and moral guidance of little Lula Rose, who was born last month, during a holiday before the baby was born.

And Kate - who is already godmother to Liv's partner Dave Gardner's eight-year-old son Grey, happily accepted.

A source told Grazia magazine: "Liv and Kate are close friends and confidantes and Kate was asked to be Godmother earlier this year when a group of friends were on holiday in Marrakesh.

"Kate was spending time with the couple and her daughter and admitted that being asked to be a godmother again definitely had her feeling maternal"

Kate is also godmother to Jude Law and Sadie Frost's daughter Iris and her friend Rosemary Ferguson and partner Jake Chapman's daughter Blythe Ferguson.

And just last month, she took on the role for the Marquess of Cholmondeley's daughter, who is also called Iris.

It was recently claimed Liv and Dave - who also have son Sailor, 18, months together - have enlisted Kate and the sports agent's best friend David Beckham to help plan their wedding.

A source said: "Kate first introduced Liv and Dave and certainly knows how to have a good time, so it made sense for her to be charged with planning things.

"She's already floated the idea of hosting part of the celebrations at her Cotswolds home."

And she and David have been discussing the idea of a joint stag and hen party for the couple, who are expecting their second child together.

The source added: "David is overseeing things from Dave's perspective. There's talk of him and Kate heading up a joint stag and hen do, which is likely to be a weekend in Marrakech."

Liv also has a 12-year-old son, Milo, with ex-husband Royston Langdon.