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Kate Beckinsale jokes about ex's manhood in Thanksgiving photo

Kate Beckinsale jokes about ex's manhood in Thanksgiving photo

Kate Beckinsale has poked fun at Michael Sheen's penis.

The 'Love & Friendship actress spent Thanksgiving with her former partner, their daughter Lily, 17, and the 47-year-old actor's girlfriend Sarah Silverman, and shared a picture of the group on Instagram.

But rather than post a sweet sentiment about bringing their blended family together, Kate instead opted for a rude gag based on where their pet dog had decided to sit.

She captioned the image: "We are all so proud of Michael for having a penis shaped almost exactly like a dog."

She had also shared a video featuring Michael tucking into some food with the dog wagging it's tail and hoping for a treat, while the 'Masters of Sex' star shunned her attempts to have him send a holiday message.

Urging him to "just say Happy Thanksgiving", Michael said "No", before reluctantly giving in and delivering the message in a jokingly unenthusiastic manner.

Kate - who dated Michael for eight years until 2003 - previously admitted she and her daughter send one another naked pictures of the 'Frost/Nixon' actor because they find them funny.

After chat show host Conan O'Brien said: "Apparently your daughter, as we know is now 17, likes to occasionally go on the internet and Google 'Michael Sheen naked,'" Kate explained that there is one particular picture that cracks them both up, an image of Michael in a bath.

She said: "My daughter and I are both from the school where we think a naked man is very funny in the right circumstances, not as a subtle surprise jumping out at you in a dark alley, but it's a funny thing.

"And sometimes in a low moment she'll text me that picture or I'll text it to her ... If I sense that she's feeling low, I think, 'You know what, she could use Mike in the bath.' It works very well most times."