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Kat Von D: Can’t we read anymore?!

Kat Von D: Can’t we read anymore?!

Kat Von D thinks it’s a “damn shame” many kids aren’t being taught cursive anymore.

The 33-year-old tattoo artist and reality star shared an image of one of her most recent pieces on Friday via Instagram, with the inking spelling out the words “Give me a reason to love you”.

However some fans could not determine what a few of the letters were, which prompted Kat to criticise the American education system.

“It's a damn shame that I post a photo of script, and so many people can't recognize a cursive capital letter ‘G’ anymore (sic),” she wrote on Instagram in a caption attached to an image of a cursive letter ‘G’. “As much as I can appreciate technology and all of its benefits, it's disheartening to see how far removed people have become from one of the things that sets us apart from all other species. A handwritten signature used to be as personal as a fingerprint, you know? But now we don't even teach kids cursive in school.”

Out of the 50 states in America, 41 have dropped cursive writing from the mandatory public school curriculum, according to USA Today.

Kat habitually vents her personal perspectives to fans via social media.

The celebrity tattooer has one divorce behind her belt, and she also engaged in two failed high-profile relationships with DJ Deadmau5 and Jesse James.

Kat previously revealed why she believes her romances tend to end in disaster via a reflective Twitter post.

“I gotta somehow figure outta way to deprogram the part of me that falls in love with all things damaged, tragic, dark and broken (sic),” she tweeted to her nearly 1.7 million followers.

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