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Karthik Nagesan and Samuel Boateng fired from The Apprentice

Karthik Nagesan and Samuel Boateng fired from The Apprentice

Karthik Nagesan and Samuel Boateng have been fired from 'The Apprentice'.

The 33-year-old IT Consultant and the handsome Car Sales Manager were given the boot from the competition in Thursday (17.11.16) night's episode after their team - The Titans - only managed to flog £188.90 worth of stock at the Poole Harbour Boat Show.

Karthik was chosen by the business tycoon to become the Project Manager but the leader seemed to rub the 28-year-old hunk up the wrong way when he chose Grainne McCoy and Courtney Wood to sell high end instead of him, considering his experience.

The group - consisting of Karthik, Samuel, Grainne, Courtney, Alana Spencer and Dillion St. Paul - started off on a right foot as they managed to bag the Jet Ski from the dealer after impressing him more than the opposing team Nebula.

However, despite having plenty of interest from passers-by, Grainne and Courtney seemed to put "all their eggs in one basket" by relying on one potential buyer.

The team were ecstatic when they found out the man wanted to splash out on four of the water sport motors but were struck a blow in the boardroom when Claude Littner revealed the gentleman hadn't passed the credit checks and they'd actually sold none.

Karthik, Samuel, Alana and Dillion didn't have much luck on the low end sale either as they only managed to flog a few towels, some fish cushions and none of the Jet Ski attachments.

After learning that Nebula had managed to rack up a sale of £40,480, Lord Sugar saw red and immediately fired Project Manager Karthik from The Titans.

Despite his axe, the wannabe businessman isn't too bothered about his early departure but wishes he hadn't been so passionate when it came to fighting his corner in the boardroom.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: "I like to be good at everything. I've been there seven weeks; I had a good time, a great adventure.

"I'm going out with a happy feeling in my heart. I made the half-way mark. I'm really happy about the whole thing. It was a big shock but I think I am to blame there because I have a feeling if I hadn't pushed the panic button and had held back then I wouldn't have been fired."

Once Karthik had upped and left, Lord Sugar asked Grainne to bring back two other people from the team she thought were responsible for the failure of the task.

The make-up artist - who was the Sub Team leader - pulled Samuel and Dillion back in to face the music, before the Irish Art Director volunteered Alana.

Following a heated debate, Lord Sugar decided that Samuel was his next victim as he has a habit of undermining his leaders and not listening to instructions.

Samuel said: "I actually feel OK because as an individual, I showed what I'm capable of and got to demonstrate my ability so I'm happy with how this came.

"Based on what happened in previous weeks, I've sold throughout this entire process but obviously when it came to this point, it was surprising that I was in the bottom three let alone getting fired."