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Karlie Kloss studies computer coding

Karlie Kloss studies computer coding

Karlie Kloss took classes in computer coding at University.

The 24-year-old former Victoria's Secret model has admitted she took up the course during her time at New York University as had an interest in discovering what "powers technology", and now loves to "prove everyone wrong" when they assume she doesn't know how to "work hard" because of her job as a model.

Speaking to Stellar magazine, the blonde beauty said: "It came out of wanting to understand what code is; to understand the fundamentals of what powers technology, how it's built, both the hardware and the software.

"It makes me happy to prove everyone wrong.

"Modelling is incredibly hard work, not necessarily in the same way as other professions, but you have to be very focused."

Meanwhile, Karlie - who first started modelling at 14 - previously admitted she had to "grow into" the fashion industry as she never expected to be a successful model, and it wasn't until she started posing for fashion and beauty campaigns her eyes "opened" to this "world of creativity".

Speaking about her career recently, Karlie said: "For me, I definitely had to grow into it. First and foremost I had to learn fashion. Fashion wasn't really a part of my life until I started working in the industry as a model and had my eyes opened to this whole other world of creativity and of designers and business and industry. There were hundreds and thousands of jobs that I wasn't really aware of before. I really think I grew into my own point of view and developed my taste and I'd say it's more simple and hopefully classic and chic."