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Karlie Kloss makes pumpkin bread 'every' year for Thanksgiving

Karlie Kloss makes pumpkin bread 'every' year for Thanksgiving

Karlie Kloss makes pumpkin bread "every" year for Thanksgiving.

The 24-year-old model has revealed her and her mother, Tracy, have a special tradition for the American national holiday which sees them both join forces in the kitchen to bake the "famous" Kloss recipe and watch the celebratory parade together afterwards.

The catwalk icon took to social media to reveal her annual ritual.

Alongside an image of the ingredients being mixed on her Instagram story on Thursday (24.11.16), she wrote: "Every thanksgiving morning my mom and I make her famous Pumpkin Bread and watch the parade (sic)."

And the blonde beauty shared a picture of the recipe, which she captioned: "This is THE famous recipe. (Not vegan, but DELISH!) (sic).

"It smells so yummy (sic)."

Although Karlie - who is the current face of the designer jewellery brand Swarovski - has revealed her speciality isn't vegan, she has admitted she doesn't always follow a "specific diet", although she does try to eat "as healthy as possible".

Speaking previously, she said: "I don't follow a specific diet. Instead, I try to eat as healthy as possible and choose foods that make me feel great. I try to stick to lean proteins and vegetables with healthy snacks in between."

And the fashion muse has revealed she has a "serious" sweet tooth, and believes everyone should "indulge" in unhealthy treats every so often.

She explained: "I have a serious sweet tooth. I started a cookie line because I have that much of a sweet tooth. But you still got to indulge and enjoy life."

Meanwhile, Karlie has admitted she enjoys hitting the gym because she finds it therapeutic.

She previously said: "I love to dance ... to kind of just move. There's nothing more gratifying than a good sweat. It's the best therapy.

"[And] I'm pretty healthy most of the time. I eat a lot of fish, a lot of vegetables, I really love to cook with really clean and fresh ingredients."