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Karlie Kloss learned from Jourdan Dunn

Karlie Kloss learned from Jourdan Dunn

Karlie Kloss studied Jourdan Dunn when she first started modelling.

The 23-year-old model says her best friend was her teacher when she got her first job on a photoshoot with high street label Unique alongside the 25-year-old catwalk star.

The 6 ft 1 inch tall model said: "I kind of watched what Jourdan was doing and thought, 'OK, I'll do the same'."

Karlie - who began her career at the age of just 14 - grew up in Chicago and recalls going to shoots where they would change her appearance so much that when she returned to school her friends were shocked.

She recalled: "[Back then] it was all about bleached eyebrows. I'd have them bleached in the morning, then drawn back, then bleached off again later. I remember going back to school with no eyebrows, and my friends were like, 'What parallel universe do you go to?"

But the blonde stunner doesn't mind being transformed because she takes her profession very seriously.

She added in an interview with the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "You have to be able to transform, let go a little bit, and be OK with that... I've always had a very professional approach."