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Karaoke queen Elizabeth Hurley

Karaoke queen Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley wishes she could pass a karaoke machine without feeling the need to use it.

The 50-year-old actress realises she isn't much of a singer, but that doesn't stop her giving it a go. Karaoke is her guilty pleasure - and also the one thing which repeatedly leaves her mortified.

"Every time I'm caught caterwauling into the karaoke machine," she laughed to Britain's Grazia magazine when asked when she was last embarrassed. "I can't resist having a go but I'm very loud and very bad."

The star's biggest extravagance is her use of builders, with Elizabeth admitting she constantly has a houseful of tradespeople who leave her "demented". Hopefully they don't make her lose her temper though, although that is a semi-regular occurrence.

"About five minutes ago, when I couldn't find the book I was reading," she said, when asked when she last got cross. "I stormed around the house bellowing for a good five minutes."

She was also quizzed on the thing she'd most like to delete from the internet, admitting: "To be honest, I wouldn't know where to start. There are umpteen hideously unflattering pictures of me and as many ludicrous stories."

Perhaps the writers of some of those pieces owe Elizabeth an apology, something she would gratefully receive.

"I spend my life saying sorry," she said. "I'm always really touched when people go out of their way to apologise to me and I never forget it. I daresay I'm still owed a few and my door is always open."

She doesn't let that overly bother her though, with the star saying on the whole she's very happy with her lot in life.

"I love my life, but I've had many knocks along the way. Even when it's good, I know that what goes up has to come down again. But if you keep at it, you'll have another chance to shine," she said.

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