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Kanye West says Kim Kardshian West is like Marie Antoinette

Kanye West says Kim Kardshian West is like Marie Antoinette

Kanye West thinks his wife Kim Kardashian West is a "modern day Marie Antoinette".

The hip-hop star says the 35-year-old brunette is a 21st century version of the one-time Queen of France, who was beheaded in 1793 for high treason.

Kanye explained: "My wife is the face of the change [in] fashion, where designers who literally wouldn't let her sit in shows are now making entire collections based off of her shape.

"It's funny, for Kim to be photographed so much, [she] represents our modern day Marie Antoinette. She gets hair and make-up every day, not just for a photo shoot. Why? Because every day is a photo shoot."

Meanwhile, Kim, who has two children with the divisive musician - a three-year-old daughter called North and a nine-month old son called Saint - thinks Kanye is her "best stylist".

She told Harper's BAZAAR magazine: "I swear he sees everything a few steps ahead of anyone else.

"Kanye is a big part of my fashion story and my fashion transformation. He's my best stylist. Every look I love is definitely something that he's had a hand in helping to style or put together."

Kim admitted that her friends and family have also taken note of their fashion obsession.

She shared: "My friends and my sisters will say, 'I've never met anyone like you two who will just sit in a closet for hours and try on clothes and cut things up and redesign them.'

"We just love it, and we spend a lot of time on it. We do put a lot of effort into the looks and trying to stay ahead of the game."