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Kanye West: 'Kim empowers women'

Kanye West: 'Kim empowers women'

Kanye West says his wife Kim Kardashian West empowers other women.

The 38-year-old rapper is extremely protective over Kim, 35 - the mother of his two children, North, two and Saint, five months - and warned people against disrespecting her.

Speaking on 'The Steve Harvey Morning Show', he said: "She broke boundaries with fashion where designers weren't trying to make clothes with women with shape, and now they're all about embracing and empowering women. [She's] empowering women in a matriarch society where women can make money.

"Like when she said, 'OK my husband might have invested everything he had into fashion, everything he had into creativity for breaking boundaries, but I put the money in the account.' All of those statements, means that can't nobody ever disrespect my wife, period."

Kanye also claimed his interruption of Taylor Swift's speech after she won Best Video at the 2009 MTV VMAs was "activism".

He explained: "As soon as Britney shaved her head and they saw the money going down, they had already marked what that award was gonna be that night. But they didn't expect no activist that had just lost his momma a year [earlier] sitting there with a bottle of Hennessy. The only reason why I drank the Hennessy in the first place was because I said, 'I'ma have to just get drunk to deal with all the lies I'm about to see.'"