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Kanye West beats Pope Francis' merchandise sales

Kanye West beats Pope Francis' merchandise sales

Kanye West has beaten the record for the most merchandise sold at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The 39-year-old rapper has reportedly wiped Pope Francis off the top of the leaderboard after her raked in an estimated $780,000 (£583,000) in products, which were emblazoned with his face, at his gig in the arena on Monday (05.09.16).

According to TMZ, the head of the Catholic church managed to flog $540,000 - $240,000 less than Kanye - of his merchandise, which included rosary beads, crucifixes and baseball caps, when he celebrated mass with 20,000 people last year.

However, although Kanye's fans were quick to whip out their wallets in order to snap up his famous merchandise, Pope Francis still holds the record for a rapturous reception as 80,000 people lined the streets to see him on his tour.

Meanwhile, the 'Famous' hitmaker is making sure no expenses are spared for his 'Life of Pablo' world tour as not only has he pumped loads of money into his merchandise, but he's also requested two slushie machines on his rider.

Kanye has asked that the equipment dispense his Hennessy cognac with coke and Grey Goose vodka and lemonade.

And Kanye is certainly no stranger to bizarre tour requests as last year his hotel rider was leaked and showed he wanted cylindrical vases, a discontinued speaker and black towels in all his suites when on the road.

He also requested mint dental floss and Kashi Go Lean cereal, as well as $3,200 worth of liquor, including three bottles of Paradis Hennessy.