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Justin Timberlake: I'm enjoying being a daddy

Justin Timberlake: I'm enjoying being a daddy

Justin Timberlake has revealed he is "enjoying" being a father.

The 35-year-old singer is parent to 17-month-old Silas Randall Timberlake along with his wife Jessica Biel, 34, and the 'Trolls' actor has admitted that there's nothing he loves more than parenthood.

The star said: "I'm enjoying just being daddy for him (Silas)."

And the 'Cry Me A River' hitmaker also revealed that despite entertaining the masses when he's on stage, he still has time to make sure his son is entertained when he's not performing. He gushed about how much Silas is able to "teach" him, and said that he felt like he was "learning all over again".

Speaking to ET Canada, he said: "We sing, we dance around the house, we paint, we play in the sandbox. It's just crazy how much they teach you. Watching them discover something every day is feel like you're learning it all over again."

The 'Suit and Tie' singer's concert film 'Justin Timberlake and the Tennessee Kids' will be available on Netflix from October 12, and the pop sensation has confessed that he had a slight moment of panic when he realised his son would be able to see the film in just under a month.

He said: "I had that moment yesterday when I was flying into Toronto kinda thinking, 'Wow this is gonna be right on Netflix in a month and my son will be able to see it. Maybe I'll wait.' "

Justin recently revealed Silas was a huge inspiration for his hit single 'Can't Stop The Feeling' - which features in upcoming animated movie 'Trolls'.

He said: "I'd be leaving out the whole truth if I didn't say having him shaped what the song actually is. [Having a child] gives you a different insight. It's like 'The Matrix,' man. You open a door and there's this whole other world on the other side of it. And you look back through the door at the other world and you're like, 'What was I doing there?' "