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Justin Bieber 'is trying to block release of deposition video'

Justin Bieber 'is trying to block release of deposition video'

Justin Bieber is reportedly trying to block the release of his deposition video.

The on-screen evidence relates to a case brought against the 22-year-old pop star by his neighbour, who has accused Justin of egging his house and spitting on him back in 2014.

Lawyers for the 'Sorry' hitmaker believe that the release of the video could create an unwelcome storm around Justin, who recently courted controversy when he lashed out at a fan in Barcelona, Spain, after he reached into his car and tried to grab him.

The singer-songwriter has already paid $90,000 for the egging damage, but has refuted the allegation that he caused emotional distress to his neighbour, according to TMZ.

Earlier this month, meanwhile, PETA President Ingrid Newkirk branded Justin as "self-absorbed" and guilty of causing "needless suffering" to animals after he stepped out in West Hollywood wearing a fur coat.

The Canadian star was spotted wearing the animal pelt winter coat and whilst it was unknown whether or not the coat was real or faux just by looking at it, video footage of the star emerging from Hyde night club shows Justin confirming the coat is authentic fur.

Asked if it was real fur, Justin said: "Hell yeah it's f***ing real!"

But Justin's actions subsequently drew criticism from Ingrid, who is the head of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Ingrid said: "I sometimes think that Justin Bieber needs a brain scan, as I suspect his mirror neurons - the seat of empathy - are underdeveloped or undeveloped, given that he acts like a self-absorbed, childish show-off.

"He seems incapable of seeing how his buying habits cause needless suffering to animals, such as baby tigers, baby monkeys, and wild coyotes.

"Animal groups are tired of having to clean up after him, from the abandoned baby monkey in Germany (now rescued) to the abusive zoo in Canada (now closed) to having to run ads explaining the horrible ways in which animals die for fur."