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Justin Bieber had 'best time' doing community service

Justin Bieber had 'best time' doing community service

Justin Bieber had the "best time" doing community service.

The 21-year-old star was sentenced to 40 hours of labour in July 2014 after pelting a Californian neighbour's home with eggs but insisted it "felt good" to be helping people out by creating an area for children to play in.

He explained: "I built a plastic playground for these little kids.

"I was pretty hidden away. Usually you have to do it in the street but they didn't make me. I was painting, listening to music and having the best time.

"There were families there, and I got to meet a lot of people who were happy to see me. That felt good. Like I wasn't just doing it because I did something stupid."

However, the 'Sorry' singer - who allegedly caused thousands of dollars worth of damage by throwing eggs at the house - admitted he thinks the charges are silly.

He joked: "I think I'm the first person with a felony egg charge. Right now I'm on probation from an egg charge."

But Justin - who releases his new album 'Purpose' today (13.11.15) - believes his "wholesome" image as a youngster caused his rebellious streak, during which the eggy incident occurred.

He told NME magazine: "It's because of the way the 'Justin Bieber brand' was portrayed. I was a wholesome pop star who was so amazing who had nice hair and a f***ing image that no one could ever live up to. So when all this happened people were like, 'Woah, let's rip him apart.' "