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June Brown reveals she's going deaf

June Brown reveals she's going deaf

June Brown has no plans to quit 'EastEnders' despite the fact she's going deaf.

The 88-year-old actress, who stars as Dot Cotton on the BBC soap, has insisted she has no intention of walking away from the much-loved character after announcing news of her ailment during a Q&A on Saturday (15.08.15) with her friend and 'EastEnders' veteran Barbara Windsor, 78.

Barbara - who played Peggy Mitchell for sixteen years - brought her former co-star to the stage, as June explained: "Are you talking to me, Babs?

"Tell me, because I am deaf you see and it is very hard for me to hear so I don't know what you are talking about. What did you say to me?"

Later, June requested everyone at the Q&A spoke louder so she could follow the conversation.

She said, apologetically: "Sorry, I would like you all to shout because I can't hear, you see. I am ever so sorry. I am straining here..."

Despite this, June remains hopeful that her hearing will return to normal at some stage soon.

She explained to The Sun newspaper: "Unfortunately it happened when I was going up to Glasgow for a charity. My ears impacted and they haven't come back since. I hope that they might do at some moment.

"I thought it was a bit unkind given I was flying up for charity! But I only spoke about it on stage because I was having a discussion with Barbara."