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Juliette Lewis is afraid of love

Juliette Lewis is afraid of love

Juliette Lewis is scared of love.

The 42-year-old singer-and-actress - who previously dated Brad Pitt and was married to skateboarder Steve Berra for four years until 2003 - worries about "letting someone in" to her life and getting her heart broken.

Asked what scares her, she said: "Oh man, love. The fear of letting someone in. I went through that recently."

The 'Jem and the Holograms' star is also afraid of crowds, but uses the gigs she plays with her band, The Licks, as a "therapeutic exercise" that forces her to confront the phobia.

She added: "Also, crowds. I have a huge fear of crowds. The irony is that my band is a therapeutic exercise. I hurl myself into thousands of people."

Juliette doesn't cope well with too many rules, and was terrified she would accidentally swear when she met Britain's Queen Elizabeth.

She told Elle magazine: "I met the Queen at one of her meet and greets. They told me not to cuss and I thought I was gonna have Tourette's and say, 'S**t, I forgot to say Your Majesty. Sorry!'

"If you give me too many rules, the rebel in me goes bananas."